Crypto-burgers: Blockchain-based Loyalty goes to the grill

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 22, 2018

By Wise Marketer Staff

Chanticleer Holdings Inc. is jumping on the blockchain and cryptocurrency bandwagon to create a loyalty program for its three burger chains. The Charlotte, N.C.-based operator has partnered with Mobivity Holdings Corp. to create loyalty points that can be used at 12-unit Little Big Burger, 20-unit BGR and nine-unit American Burger Co. The loyalty program uses blockchain technology that allows points to be transferred securely between customers, franchisees, suppliers and other parties the same as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.  Registration occurs via a cash register receipt message that generates a specific text code which the customer sends post purchase via SMS.  Points are awarded to the customer upon receipt of the text.  The blockchain element introduces a viable way for food and beverage suppliers of the three burger chains to participate in the loyalty initiative and receive customer specific information about who is buying their products and in what menu combination.  The use of “other people’s money” – a loyalty concept which uses 3rd party funded rewards to generate accelerated reward earning for a brand’s own customers – appears to have just gotten a little easier courtesy of the blockchain.

Key quote from Chanticleer’s CEO Mike Pruitt highlights another potential upside for cryptocurrency-based loyalty programs – the cool factor.  “Especially in the case of Little Big Burger, there’s definitely a cool factor as it relates to our customer base,” he said. “They’re very driven on social media — talking about it, taking pictures of the food and posting it.”  The younger customer base of Little Big Burger has been instrumental in the growth of the brand and extremely supportive of its concept – great burgers made fresh to order with quality ingredients that are sourced locally and delivered fresh daily to the restaurants.  The chain is known is also known for its unique environment that creates an energetic customer experience with broad appeal and its cult-like following in the Pacific Northwest. 

Cool factor, form factor or no factor at all?  We will keep our eyes on this one.