Customer acquisition still the primary focus for Indian marketers

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By: RickFerguson |

Posted on January 12, 2016

A new report from Octane Marketing reveals that customer acquisition remains the top priority for Indian marketers. The 2016 Annual Research Study on the the State of Online Marketing in India reveals the 58% of the 450 marketers surveyed are focused on customer acquisition over customer retention.

Other key highlights from the survey:

  • 85% of the Indian marketers are tracking revenues generated through e-marketing activities.
  • 50% of respondents share that e-marketing activities are contributing to more than 10% of revenues.
  • 66% isted social media marketing as their top priority for 2016.
  • 53%  are focused on email marketing.

Why the focus on social media? According to the survey,  64% of marketers believe that social media helps improve brand reputation and increase awareness, while 80% believe that integrated campaigns (email, social and mobile) can result in a moderate to significant increase in conversion rates.

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