Customer engagement technologies must drive loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 31, 2015

Customer engagement is the new front line in the customer communications battle, according to the 'Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market 2015' study from InfoTrends, which has observed a number of solution vendors already adapting to the trend by adding more engaging capabilities to their marketing communication platforms and offerings.

The aim of the study was gain greater insights into customer engagement technologies and to better understand how enterprises are adapting these technologies to improve their customer relationships, and the study found that the scope of traditional customer communications management (CCM) is expanding, driven mainly by technology innovations that enable enterprises to directly communicate with individual customers. Consequently, enterprises must begin cultivating their customer relationships by engaging with their customers to maintain levels of customer satisfaction.

In the survey, InfoTrends questioned 800 North American and Western European enterprises within key verticals for their most important business objectives to invest in customer engagement technology (CET), and found that the top priority for enterprises that are already investing in CET is "to improve customer experiences" and "drive customer loyalty". Cost and risk reductions have become secondary priorities.

The research also showed a clear trend of marketing playing an increasingly dominant role in customer communications. This, the report suggested, is causing a change within enterprises, shifting their customer communications from an operational point of view toward a more strategic point of view.

As a result, the company warned that many enterprises need to urgently rethink their business processes - especially those directly involving significant customer interactions - such as customer service, help desks, and other front-end business processes.

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