Customer experience trends to watch in 2013

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Posted on January 16, 2013

Customer experience trends to watch in 2013

In its earlier report on the future of the customer experience, Temkin Group asserted that companies had into an 'Era of Customer Experience Professionalism', estimating that there are now more than 100,000 customer experience professionals in North America. Here the company explains what it believes will be the key trends shaping customer experience management for 2013 and beyond.

Temkin Group's forecast of trends to watch this year suggests that this 'critical mass' of dedicated customer experience (CX) workers will cause the field to develop even more rapidly than before throughout organisations in every sector.

"We expect 2013 to be a very active year for customer experience," said Bruce Temkin, managing partner for Temkin Group. "Many companies are evolving past the early stages of customer experience maturity and are beginning to drive organisational transformation. That's great news for their customers and for the bottom lines on those companies."

In his blog post entitled '13 Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2013', Temkin outlined the following customer experience trends:

  1. The decline of surveys Companies will rely less on multiple-choice questions as a source of customer feedback.  
  2. The rise of text analytics More insights will come from unstructured content like comments on surveys, calls into the contact centre, social media conversations, and chat sessions with agents.  
  3. 'Big Data' predictive insights Customer feedback will be combined with troves of other operational and customer data to predict customer attitudes and behaviours.  
  4. Anticipatory service Service issues will be resolved before customers even complain.  
  5. Experience-infused product development Customer experience requirements will get embedded throughout entire product development processes.  
  6. Design-based process improvement Quality, customer experience, and design thinking will come together in powerful organisational change efforts.  
  7. Loyalty-focused contact centres The focus on long-term loyalty versus short-term costs will result in the on-shoring of previously off-shored contact centre interactions.  
  8. Appreciation of employee assets Employee engagement will become a key corporate priority.  
  9. Mobile, mobile, mobile Interactions will be designed that combine smart phones with other channels.  
  10. Software as an Experience Cloud-based software will begin a customer-centric transformation.  
  11. Resurgence of values Organisations will articulate and recommit to a core set of values.  
  12. Rethinking risk-experience trade-offs There will be more push back on and elimination of conservative legal and compliance rules that create poor customer experience.  
  13. Continuing CX education MBA programmes and corporate training departments will create and teach more customer experience content.

The full article explaining each trend in more detail has been published on Temkin Group's Experience Matters blog - click here.

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