Czech Telecom cuts churn rate with CRM

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 12, 2002

Czech Telecom cuts churn rate with CRM

Since implementing a CRM solution that provided a single, integrated view of customers, Czech Telecom is seeing the money roll in.

Since adopting CRM, Czech Telecom has increased its customer retention rate by 5.6%, is recording annual operating efficiencies of US$6m, and has reduced average call handling time from more than eight minutes to 2.5 minutes. It has achieved this by uniting customer information across multiple channels and streamlining sales and service processes. The company's churn rate has decreased by 2.9%. 

Czech Telecom opted for  Siebel eCommunications' Call Centre and Sales applications and has rolled them out to 1,200 sales, marketing and service professionals, replacing 15 disconnected order management, billing and customer-facing applications infront offices.

Sales well up Streamlining the sales and service process and creating a single, integrated view of its personal and business customers, has allowed Czech Telecom to increase its sales effectiveness - including the ability to cross-sell and up-sell additional products and services. As part of a recent telemarketing campaign, the single customer view enabled Czech Telecom during the first six months after implementation to sell three times as many ISDN lines as it had sold in the previous six months.

Any channel Customers can communicate with Czech Telecom through whichever channel is most convenient to them - including email; telephone; in person at one of the company's call centers, called 'Telepoints'; or by post or fax.

The system was implemented in eight weeks.

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