Debenhams' CRM system boosted store and e-sales

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 7, 2003

Debenhams' CRM system boosted store and e-sales

The UK-based department store Debenhams - one of the founding sponsors of the Nectar loyalty programme - has completed its deployment of Blue Martini's multi-channel CRM applications, resulting in a 100% increase in e-commerce revenue, and also driving more customers in-store.

Debenhams had set out to cut operational costs through streamlining its web site, to enhance customer service using a call centre application, and to increase revenue and customer satisfaction through better marketing using multi-channel campaign management.

"Debenhams was looking to increase the revenue generated by its e-commerce site by 100% year-on-year, and we accomplished this with Blue Martini," said Bill Maginn, internet controller for Debenhams. "We have not only achieved a dramatic sales increase and reduction in costs, but our cross channel initiatives have also driven more customers in-store."

One to one campaigns Debenhams uses Blue Martini's merchandising and marketing tools to present personalised and compelling information to shoppers during each web site visit. By delivering product information and promotions catered to the individual's lifestyle and taste, Debenhams manages tailored promotions which help to retain customers and increase wallet share both online and in-store.

Maginn added: "Since the Blue Martini implementation, we have increased the number of registered customers, increased daily transactions and increased average basket size. The goals we are still achieving exceed the benchmarks that we set at the beginning of the project."

The company's new web site encompasses thousands of brand-name products across many categories (such as wedding, health and beauty, fashion and housewares). Using the new site, the firm's merchandisers and marketers can easily update any type of content, freeing IT staff to focus on technical capabilities.

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