Declared Data: Building Emotional Connections to Drive Lifetime Value

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 30, 2020

The Wise Marketer makes a concerted effort to uncover, understand, and evaluate new concepts in customer management and loyalty marketing. Many times, we find these concepts to be too shallow, or too much of a buzz word and not enough bang — or simply old concepts that have been newly manipulated. So, when we find some new thoughts about the fundamental principles of loyalty marketing, we take note. When we learn more, we pass it on to our readers. The concept of Declared Data, as best articulated by Jebbit, a US-based marketing technology platform, fits our criteria.

Creating and sustaining loyalty takes more effort than ever before. Customers want engaging experiences that provide them value and brands want to build deeper, more emotional connections that drive lifetime value. So, what’s missing in the relationship? Declared data. 

Declared data is captured directly from consumers and goes beyond the transactional and behavioral information in the loyalty database to answer the "why". What are consumer preferences, interests, and motivations? Harnessing declared data efficiently can play a vital role in forming emotional connections with your customers. It's data you can only get directly from the source.

We think the concept fits the loyalty marketing genre quite well and we secured a copy of the Declared Data Playbook from our colleagues at Jebbit.  The playbook has all the tools you need to create deeper consumer engagements. Learn what declared data is, how to capture it, and how brands such as Express, Monster, and Boden are finding success personalizing based on what their consumers want. The playbook is free to all Wise Marketer readers who complete the following download form.

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