Delighted by Accessorize, A Truly Personal Loyalty Experience

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 16, 2019

It was a cold Autumn day at, as usual, an entirely overcrowded Waterloo station, deep in the heart of London, and deep in the frenzy of rush hour…

By: Anonymous

With 10 minutes to wait until my train, I popped into Accessorize, a gorgeous store, packed full of brightly coloured jewellery and accessories. Perfect for a “treat me” moment in an otherwise rather depressing hour.

As you would expect, I am of course, a member of their loyalty programme, Accessorize Treats. It’s a lovely little programme – very simple – you earn 2 points for every £1 you spend and then, when you hit 100 points you get a £5 voucher. There are also lovely softer benefits like competitions, treat days, and even mystery gifts. What happened next totally made my day.

I picked up a pair of my signature hoops and dashed to the till. The assistant then came into her own. Lucky me – I hit my 100 points. She asked me if I wanted to spend my voucher, to knock it off the hoops... or did I want this new pair that had just come in that she thought I might like? I looked at her with the wide eyed horror of a typical commuter – I had to be quick, I didn’t have time, I had to dash to get the kids… she knew the moment well. Not only did that woman move at lightning speed to get me an extra pair of hoops (in the new season’s colour that had literally just arrived in store), she also managed to upsell me a ring to match as well. All delivered in a matter of minutes, and I left bouncing away, with my new treats, and got on my train, happy as a clam.

She had managed to nail it – understanding her customer perfectly, spotting a moment, and delivering a super personalised, perfect customer experience - great for me, great for Accessorize. If only all loyalty interactions could be so good for customer, business, and brand.

And yes, I will be popping back to get the bracelet no doubt too… got to get another 100 points for another treat!

This is Real. Life. Loyalty. This story is mine and you have yours.

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