Digital trends that will finally mature in 2015

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Posted on January 27, 2015

Digital trends that will finally mature in 2015

This year will be a rare event in the digital marketing world: it will be the year in which we finally see former 'future predictions' become reality, according to digital marketing consultancy, Amaze, which here outlines the shape of the digital marketing landscape for the coming year.

Consisting of six key digital trends, the company's analysts have detailed what changes we can expect to see in the near term, and what difference these changes will mean for brands as they plan their digital marketing strategies.

The company's most significant trends and forecasts for the year include:

  1. Big data will arrive - finally! We have, up until now, claimed to be in the early stages of a big data 'revolution'. However, while brands might make this claim, any examples we have seen of 'big data' have been more akin to an intelligent use of data - but this is all set to change in 2015. Smart businesses are finally gearing up for the use of big data, by identifying the data that really matters, the insight it can bring and then putting in place the technology and processes to mine the data in an effective way.  
  2. Virtual reality (VR) will be everywhere Oculus Rift has made a lot of headlines recently, having been used by a number of early adopter brands to showcase new products. In 2015, however, expect to see more brands adopting this new and exciting technology. Brands that succeed will be those that use the technology to give consumers a truly immersive experience and this will only be achieved if they really understand all of the possibilities, challenges and limitations associated with VR.  
  3. Smart objects move out of magazines and into the home The forthcoming launch of the Apple Watch has marked the start of something big for this year. Smart objects in 2015 will no longer just be preserved for the health and fitness market, but become more commonplace in day-to-day life. Their intuitive nature and ability to access lots of information means that smart objects will offer brands the valuable insight want and also the ability to make consumers' lives easier.  
  4. Move over content, it's all about the context If content is King, then it's about to be usurped. As far as smart devices go, 2015 will be all about the context. It is fairly well accepted now (and indeed expected) that smart devices are clever enough to deliver relevant content for a user - the next step will be for these devices to provide the appropriate content in the right context. This will mean creating a personalised eco-system around an individual, regardless of location, using a network of devices that will determine their roles dependent on location, time of day and relationship with other devices.  
  5. Digital Governance takes centre stage Digital governance is a term that has been thrown around for a number of years, especially as more organisations grow their online capabilities. The importance of understanding digital governance - i.e. how to implement it successfully and how to make its reports actionable - will become a hot topic in 2015. As organisations start to pay more attention to ensuring that errors across their online landscape are not affecting the return on the investment, digital governance will need to become a key part in their digital strategy.  
  6. Same day delivery as standard 2015 will be the year of same day delivery, as part of a wider emphasis on good old customer service. Not only this, but delivery will focus more on finding the individual wherever they may be, even when out at a restaurant. Eventually, this will become more bespoke and some premium services will even choose items for individuals based on prior knowledge of their tastes, without even the need to order, so that customers can review and keep goods if they are required or suitable.

"As we look ahead, what these predictions really highlight is how a number of previously predicted trends are now coming to fruition in terms of brand adoption and consumer penetration," concluded Rick Curtis, chief strategy officer for Amaze. "One major concept we don't anticipate reaching critical mass just yet however, is the Internet of Things (IoT). There is no doubt that the idea behind the IoT is a great one but there is just one small problem; the infrastructure to support it is nowhere near ready and will not be for a very long time. There has been so much discussion about how the IoT is the future and that it will revolutionise how we work, play and interact, but much of this is purely theoretical thinking at the moment."

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