Direct Mail looks promising despite economic woes

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 19, 2011

Direct Mail looks promising despite economic woes

Marketers involved in direct mail (DM) can look forward to a stronger performance during the next twelve months, with 76% expecting their DM volumes to remain stable or grow and 69% believing that DM is the most important promotional medium, according to research by Fast.MAP and TNT Post in the UK.

Despite the current economic gloom, the surveys noted a positive outlook that reflects a resurgence of spending on direct mail by financial services and FMCG companies in particular.

When asked about the most important promotional media in their marketing toolbox, 69% cited DM, followed by web sites (33%) and email (20.4%).

A further survey into consumer habits surrounding direct mail found that nearly 50% prefer to receive their direct mail in the morning, led by those aged 65 and over. Conversely, the 18-24 age group have a stronger preference for direct mail to be delivered in the afternoon.

The majority of recipients said they prefer to read their direct mail as soon as they pick it up from the doormat and, for those who wait till later in the day, most said they read it on the couch in the living room (65%), followed by sitting at the kitchen table (52%), sitting in the garden (23%) and 18% on the toilet.

Interestingly, men are far more likely to read direct mail either in the toilet or at work than women, and the young are most likely to read it either in bed or in the toilet.

According to Lieneke Happel, director of marketing and strategy for TNT Post UK, "We are pleased that direct mail continues to be seen as the most effective promotional tool used by marketers and that it is holding its own in a very competitive landscape. These consumer insights present some creative opportunities for DM marketers."

TNT Post currently handles more than 200 million postal items each month throughout the UK.

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