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Discussion: The Amazon Go Store as a window into the future of retail? Maybe.

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 23, 2018

From The Wise Marketer Staff

It might be the top news story in business right now so announcing Amazon’s store opening will have little value here.  On the other hand, our virtual water cooler has been buzzing with commentary about the meaning, importance, and impact such a store will have on our world as we move forward.

So rather than offer up our own comments & opinions, we’re going to take this opportunity to invite our readers over to the watercooler to bring YOUR thoughts, YOUR opinions.

As a jumping off point, BBC covered the store announcement in some detail and touched on some of the topics that have been bounced about here today.  Here as well, is Amazon’s own promotional video to give you their take on the store.

The gist is this:  Amazon’s Go Store allows customers to shop in an entirely automated fashion.  You scan your Amazon card upon entry into the store, and through the use of various technologies (Amazon likens them to driver-less car technologies), shoppers can browse, pick up whatever they like, put them into their shopping bag and simply walk out of the store.  No checkouts.  No lines.  No waiting.  The above-referenced BBC article mentions that lines had formed well-before the store opened its doors – so clearly there is some appeal here.  Is this just the latest tech novelty or is Amazon’s Go store the future of retail?

So let’s open this up to you –

  • What do you think this means?
  • What will be the impact on customer loyalty?
  • Does Amazon’s big pocketbook amount to a huge barrier to entry for other retailers?
  • Is this the future of retail automation?
  • How much human interaction do we really need?
  • Does this change the course of the CX journey?
  • Did we just inch a little closer to the retail apocalypse cliff?
  • What does this mean for other retailers? Small & large?
  • Can this technology be applied across all retail brands and products or do you envision some limitations?
  • Is there a lower or greater risk for fraud or unpaid purchases?
  • Can this technology be expanded into Quick Serve Restaurants?

Over the next several days, we’ll monitor your responses and publish a curated collection of them as a follow-on to this topic.

Also, here’s a little conversation starter – the top commenter will win a shiny new Stainless Steel Thermal Cup emblazoned with The Wise Marketer on one side and Loyalty Academy on the other.

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