Disposable RFID-enabled retail display unveiled

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 24, 2007

Disposable RFID-enabled retail display unveiled

Seeonic, a developer of retail smart shelf technology, has begun using software and embedded RFID readers from RFID developer SkyeTek in disposable smart displays that provide real-time inventory tracking of promotional retail items.

By incorporating the SkyeAPI software and M9 UHF RFID reader, the Seeonic smart shelf can offer retailers and CPG manufacturers reliable real-time tracking of promotional goods, allowing them to monitor and correct the placement of promotional displays and goods, based on observed buying patterns.

Retailer compliance "The smart shelf system enables manufacturers to check that retailers are honouring their obligations for item placement while also extending the retailers' visibility into detailed demand data," explained Peter Grimlund, CEO for Seeonic. "It provides retailers and CPG manufacturers alike with a significantly improved view of promotions marketing effectiveness."

With little visibility on the sales floor, many less advanced systems and processes are not accurate or timely enough to provide the manufacturer or distributor with the data they need to anticipate out-of-stocks and to protect sales.

Real-time demand management Seeonic set out to solve that problem with its RFID-enabled glass shelf display, which has an in-built real-time demand management and inventory replenishment forecasting service.

According to Rob Balgley, CEO for SkyeTek, "Real-time monitoring and management of promotions represents a big opportunity for retailers and CPG manufacturers, particularly because Seeonic's system not only maximizes the effectiveness of individual promotions, but can also aggregate data from multiple stores to gain extra insights into overall campaign ROI."

For additional information: ·  Visit Seeonic at http://www.seeonic.com ·  Visit SkyeTek at http://www.skyetek.com