DoCoMo co-branded loyalty credit card

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Posted on August 28, 2002

DoCoMo co-branded loyalty credit card

Japanese mobile communications firm DoCoMo, following strategic tie-ups with eight credit card companies, is to introduce a new 'DoCoMo Card' credit card, offering a number of member benefits, discounts and privileges nationwide.

The eight partners will issue co-branded versions of the DoCoMo card, and card holders can redeem their DoCoMo loyalty points to buy goods such as mobile telephones, as well as getting various double discounts and privileges at around 500 retail locations throughout Japan, including resort hotels and leisure facilities. Five hundred points are worth 2000 Yen (US$16.50) - which is double the amount currently offered by the firm's existing DoCoMo Point Service.

The points system Points are accumulated with mobile 'phone usage, and when using the credit card for purchases. DoCoMo's existing point systems, DoCoMo Point Service and ClubDoCoMo, only cover monthly mobile telephone payments. With the new card, one point will be earned for every 400 Yen (US$3.30) worth of purchases, or for every 100 Yen (US$0.83) worth of mobile telephone charges.

Credit card payments And from September 9th, DoCoMo customers are also able to use credit cards to pay their monthly mobile telephone bills (a payment method not previously available). The change is supported by 18 credit card companies and applies to PDC cellular telephone, 3G, satellite telephone, packet transmission service and PHS services.

Partners The eight partners issuing DoCoMo cards are JCB, UC Card, DC Card, UFJ Card, Nippon Shinpan, Credit Saison and Sumitomo Mitsui Card. The additional ten partners supporting mobile telephone bill payments by credit card are NTT Leasing, Orient Corporation, Jaccs, Central Finance Co., Life Co., Aplus, Kokunai Shinpan, Daiei OMC, Aeon Credit Service, American Express International, and Citicorp Diners Club Japan.

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