Dorothy Lane upgrades Club DLM with kiosks

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 17, 2007

Dorothy Lane upgrades Club DLM with kiosks

The US-based grocer Dorothy Lane Market (DLM) has signed a deal to implement personalised marketing kiosks and biometric payment services from Pay By Touch's throughout the entire chain by the end of July 2007, including an upgrade to the store's Club DLM customer loyalty programme.

By adopting the Pay By Touch platform, the Club DLM loyalty programme will evolve into its new form, being rebranded as Club DLM 2.U. Under the new programme, upgraded members will receive personalised offers from a kiosk as they enter the store (using a biometric finger scan or swiping their Club DLM card to identify themselves).

Customer convenience Apart from the kiosk's printed coupon-based targeted marketing features, customers will also benefit from the option to pay for their groceries with the touch of a finger, as their fingerprint is linked to their preferred bank account or card for payment.

According to Amy Brinkmoeller, director of information services for DLM, "With the Pay By Touch enhancement to Club DLM, shoppers get extra savings on the products they like, as soon as they enter the store."

How it works When shoppers enter the store, they scan their finger or swipe their DLM Club Card at the kiosk. The kiosk prints out a customised page containing up to 10 offers for products that the shopper buys most, based on past shopping history records.

At the check-out, shoppers don't need to present the offer sheet because the offers that they've been assigned that day are automatically redeemed and deducted from their bill.

Grocers that have adopted Pay By Touch's kiosk-based personalised marketing system also include Green Hills Market in New York, Foodtown in New York and New Jersey, and Shop n' Save in Pennsylvania.

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