Dubai discount card becomes city-wide loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 4, 2003

Dubai discount card becomes city-wide loyalty scheme

The shopping complex of Wafi City, Dubai, is converting its existing shopper discount card into a points-based loyalty programme, including rewards and continuing discounts for customers of its shopping, leisure, and entertainment facilities.

Wafi City's existing Advantage discount card will evolve into the new swipe-card loyalty programme, which will become fully operational from the beginning of June 2003.

"We are now working out the rewards system to ensure that it is worthwhile and achievable for all card holders," said Moira Billington, group marketing manager for MKM Group, which owns and operates the Wafi City shopping complex. "We believe this to be the first discount and rewards programme from a single, inclusive destination in the Middle East. We are also negotiating with potential card partners to deliver added value."

In addition to the original scheme's retail and reward partners, another 52 companies have joined the programme in time for the re-launch, bringing the total count to more than one hundred sponsors. The scheme's existing 12,000+ discount card holders will receive updated cards automatically.

Signing up There will be no membership or sign-up fee to join the programme, and a special 'Advantage Booth' is being set up in Wafi City where current discount card-holders can swap their existing card, and where new members can enrol. Alternatively, new members can complete and fax back an application form, and they will receive their new swipe card within two weeks.

Temporary cards will also be issued to tourists and non-UAE residents who are visiting Wafi City using the Big Bus Company, or through Wafi City's hotel shuttle service.

Swipe cards The new PoS systems and terminals are now being installed throughout the 200+ shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, and entertainment outlets in Wafi City.

Every time a programme member makes a purchase the card will be swiped and the appropriate number of Advantage points will be automatically added to their account. These points can then be traded for a variety of gifts and benefits.

Back office tools The data collected from the programme will be used for market research and analysis, as a promotional tool to help retailers understand their customers, to create awareness of in-store promotions and events, and to generate interest and induce sales growth.

In terms of data analysis, the programme operator, MKM, will be able to track information at transaction level, allowing the company's marketing team to monitor and analyse real-time information on customer profiles, spending, and lifestyle trends.

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