e-Dialog updates e-marketing campaign handler

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 27, 2005

e-Dialog updates e-marketing campaign handler

The advanced e-mail marketing solutions provider e-Dialog has launched the latest update of its Campaign Builder e-mail campaign management system, adding features for custom publishing, live proofing and integration with data, reporting, analytics and creative tools.

The Campaign Builder 5.0 system can be used on either a self-service or collaborative basis and is part of e-Dialog's Precision Central hosted tool suite for e-mail marketing programmes.

More dynamic According to e-Dialog, as marketers continue to obtain more and more customer data, they are increasingly seeking greater sophistication in the deployment of their campaigns to help boost the performance of the e-mail channel. For example, multi-variable dynamic content personalisation (the ability to personalise messages on a segmented basis) can result in conversion rates of more than 3% higher than simplistic personalisation or changing only one content element.

The system now also includes an updated user interface for easier navigation, a link manager that takes care of click-through reporting (such as total clicks, unique clicks and conversions, multiple unsubscribe templates, selection of campaign lists from multiple sources, mail metering, and spam reporting.

According to John Rizzi, CEO for e-Dialog, "Effective e-mail marketing is about leveraging complex customer data to create actionable and customised dialogues that produce measurable results."

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