Easier payment systems for quick service restaurant customers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 7, 2002

Easier payment systems for quick service restaurant customers

A new interactive multimedia ordering and payment system is being made available to quick service restaurants (QSRs) by Enterprise Media Networks (EMN8) and Coca-Cola Fountain. The technology improves the customer experience and increases operational speed and efficiency.

The interactive point-of-sale technology, combining elements from EMN8, Intel and Microsoft, allows customers to see information and order products through a multimedia touch screen interface. It allows for flexible payment options including credit card, debit card or cash, and can give change in bills and coins. The technology includes multi-language capabilities, as well as loyalty card and customer relationship management (CRM) opportunities.

Roll-out Fountain's QSR customers will be able to use the technology from September 2002, giving consumers the chance to place orders at futuristically designed terminals, with an entertaining audio and video environment. During the next 24 months, the Coca-Cola Fountain sales and marketing organisation, alongside EMN8 and Intel, will deliver the solution to Fountain customers. There is already a backlog of orders for the installation of unattended interactive terminals where Coca-Cola is served.

Eric McCarthey, Fountain's senior vice president of sales and marketing, explained, "The technology will be a tremendous benefit for our customers and I believe its benefits will change the quick service restaurant experience for all consumers."

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