eBay to discontinue Anything Points in US

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 20, 2005

eBay to discontinue Anything Points in US

The US-based online auction operator eBay has announced that it is to discontinue its 'Anything Points' loyalty rewards programme on the eBay US auction site. The programme will end officially at the end of February 2006.

But despite the closure of the programme for eBay US, the programme will continue in Canada. An announcement on eBay's Anything Points web site explains:

"We have decided to discontinue the eBay Anything Points programme on the U.S. eBay site (www.ebay.com). The process of transitioning certain features and functionality related to the eBay Anything Points programme will begin immediately and continue over the next few months, with the programme officially ending on February 28, 2006. However, you will still be able to use any points you have accumulated until August 31, 2006 (all points that have not been used by August 31, 2006 will become invalid)."

Starting August 15th, sellers will no longer be able to offer Anything Points as an incentive on new listings (listings already offering eBay Anything Points on this date will continue to do so). On September 30th, 2005, we will remove eBay Anything Points from any listings still offering them.

For more information about your eBay Anything Points credit card, please contact your respective credit card provider at the number printed on the back of your credit card."

Redirect funds According to CNet's News.com, eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy said: "When it launched, we anticipated that eBay Anything Points would bring more benefits to our community than in reality we saw that it actually did. Based on conversations with the community of sellers, particularly, we decided it would be better for them if we took the money and resources spent on Anything Points and devoted it to other channels within sales and marketing. It wasn't providing the return on investment that we were expecting."

Background The Anything Points programme offers eBay members who also have a PayPal electronic payments account the opportunity to earn US$0.01 per point accumulated.

The points can be earned in several ways, including: the use of the eBay Anything MasterCard; purchases from programme partners including FTD.com, Hilton HHonors, the Rewards Network, ShareBuilder, NetFlix, The New York Times; and eBay sellers. Once earned. points can be used via PayPal for purchases made on eBay.

For additional information: ·  Visit eBay at http://www.ebay.com ·  Visit CNet at http://news.com.com