Ebay to launch eBay Bucks in Canada

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 23, 2011

Ebay to launch eBay Bucks in Canada

Canadians are passionate about loyalty points, according to research from eBay Canada, which is now launching its eBay Bucks rewards programme in response to the online frustrations experienced by nearly 40% of Canadian e-consumers.

Nearly three quarters of the country's population said they like - and in some cases love - customer loyalty programmes. In fact, almost all (86%) said they deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty to a retailer, with 40% of Canadians already belonging to 4 or more loyalty programmes and some even signing up for 10 or more points-collecting programmes.

The research, conducted by Leger Marketing, found that many Canadians are frustrated with existing rewards programmes, with 40% feeling frustrated with the scarcity of loyalty programmes offered by online retailers, and some 70% of all points collectors being confused by points calculations, often finding it easier to understand rewards programmes that are calculated in dollars rather than points.

"Canadians expect to be rewarded for their loyalty, and this survey confirms that the majority of consumers (64%) prefer to shop with retailers that offer rewards programmes," explained Mengze Shi, associate professor of marketing for the Rotman School of Management. "But the reality is that Canadians are faced with limited options when it comes to being rewarded for their online shopping."

To reward Canadians for their online shopping and make it easier to understand their reward balance, eBay Canada has announced the launch of the eBay Bucks programme, which offers online buyers 2% cash back for all items purchased on eBay.ca when PayPal is used as the payment method.

The programme is structured to force members to redeem their loyalty rewards regularly, thereby increasing engagement with the programme (the 'feel good' factor) and automatically zeroing its rewards liability every quarter. After consumers enrol in the eBay Bucks programme, they can:

  • Aggregate up to US$500 worth of eBay Bucks until the end of each calendar quarter, at which point they have 30 days to spend the free money.  
  • See the Bucks that can be earned for each product on any search results page.  
  • Automatically earn eBay Bucks, collecting 2% of the item's pre-shipping purchase price.  
  • Collect eBay Bucks automatically, with no points to manage and no blackout dates to keep track of.

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