Eco-consumerism not affected by poor economy

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 27, 2009

Despite the hard economy 34% of American consumers have said that they are more likely to buy environmentally responsible products today, and another 44% said that their environmental shopping habits have not changed as a result of the economy, according to the 2009 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey.

Despite the recession, American consumers' interest in the environment has not waned. Only 8% of consumers surveyed said they are less likely to buy environmentally responsible products now. As a result, many are still inclined to hold companies accountable for their environmental commitments. For example:

  • 35% have a greater interest in the environment than they did one year before;
  • 35% have higher expectations for companies to make and sell environmentally responsible products and services during the recession;
  • 70% said that they are paying closer attention to what companies are doing with regard to the environment, even if they won't be in a position to make a purchase until much later.

Interestingly, nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans said that they generally trust companies to tell them the truth in their environmental messaging, and most consumers (85%) believe that companies should communicate their environmental commitments year-round.

Cone warns that companies need to develop authentic and long-term environmental commitments despite the recession, because environmental communications continue to be credible touch-points through which they can regain or sustain both consumer loyalty and trust.

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