eCount reports 500% growth in Fuel Card scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 5, 2006

eCount reports 500% growth in Fuel Card scheme

Rising fuel costs have helped Ecount's fuel card programme to grow rapidly over the past year; employers are using it to help defray employee's and customers' travelling costs on an ongoing basis.

Ecount says that it has experienced 500% growth in demand for its Fuel Card programme over last year. The dramatic increase in demand is due to a number of companies turning to the programme to help provide relief from high fuel prices for their employees and customers.

Ecount's Fuel Card is different from most other fuel cards. It can be used not only for fuel, but everywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted. In addition, the card can be reloaded in value, allowing a company to efficiently conduct recurring reward programmes and distribute varying denominations.

Annual survey PSS World Medical, a national distributor of medical products has recently launched the Fuel Card programme for its 3,200+ employees. According to Eric Miller, vice president of finance for PSS: "We conduct an annual survey of our employees, and this year fuel prices and the rising cost of commuting was their number one concern. The Fuel Card programme will help defray a portion of their costs on an ongoing basis."

So far this year Ecount has issued tens of thousands of Fuel Cards for clients. Many of them are using it for everything from consumer incentives, gifts with purchase, performance bonuses and, like PSS World Medical, employee rewards.

According to Matt Gillin, CEO for eCount, "Our clients have found it to be a very relevant reward, a great employee benefit and a highly motivating incentive. The Fuel Card is always more appreciated than putting an extra US$25 in a pay cheque or handing out cheques."

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