Enterprise-quality AI Revenue Forecasting and Marketing Planning for Startups - AdoptoMedia Launches Global Operations

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Posted on March 5, 2024

AdoptoMedia’s services through its service CheckMedia enable SMEs to access a level of marketing resource analytics, forecasting, and decision-making data traditionally only available to multi-billion dollar enterprises, giving predictable growth opportunities in a challenging economic environment.

Tallinn, Estonia (February 26th, 2024) AdoptoMedia launched its one-stop-shop marketing and revenue forecasting services today at the MWC 2024 conference in Barcelona. AdoptoMedia’s AI-driven and transparent models provide analytical power and forecasting abilities for marketing planning previously only available to the world’s biggest corporations to marketing-driven companies of any size. This enables companies to scale sustainably and grow faster than ever before. The service is offered directly through the CheckMedia service and is available on demand.

AdoptoMedia’s AI-driven platform uses in-house developed advanced marketing mix models built through multiple years of serving some of the world’s largest enterprises. The platform has an LLM-empowered interface that guides users while entering input data, which is then processed via symbolic AI. The forecasting AI models used in the platform are interpretable and can be exported into Excel format with formulas that provide end-to-end calculation of the forecasts, ensuring transparency and giving decision-makers a clear view of the current situation and short- and long-term growth forecasting. Where needed, AdoptoMedia supports its forecasting abilities with Astelion’s consultancy capabilities.

Studies show that it usually takes companies up to two years to accumulate the data needed for an accurate forecast, time that equity-backed startups do not typically have. The company’s all-in-one platform, paired with its seasoned consultancy experience, gives startups and SMEs a competitive advantage previously only available to enterprises.

“In today’s economic situation, growing has been the biggest challenge for startups, and those dependent on marketing to scale are faced with educated guesswork or hiring expensive consultants. No one needs accurate forecasting more than fast-growing startups, and that’s what we are now able to offer them - to play in the big leagues, even with limited resources at hand,” says Aleksey KuznetsovCo-founder of AdoptoMedia.

The current economic climate has seen several startups that previously secured funding at high valuations need help to keep up with the expected growth rates. In 2023 alone, startups have failed at rates not seen since 2010. At the same time, venture capital funds are placing higher demands for transparent growth forecasting than in previous years, making accurate predictions an essential part of gaining a fair valuation.

“Accurate forecasting is critical from an operational point of view, but also for VCs to produce accurate valuations and make the right investment decisions. Where these previously have been based mostly on market size, we now see investors taking a closer look at the implementation plans behind growth plans. In that, marketing and revenue forecasting have become critical factors for success,” Kuznetsov continues.

What makes AdoptoMedia’s delivery different from most other AI revenue forecasting platforms is its versatility. The company’s insights and computing power can be adapted to serve multiple segments by offering a white-label product in an OEM model. Through CheckMedia, the company provides SMBs with enterprise-level capabilities. Through other partners, like Astelion, AdoptoMedia can also serve enterprise clients and venture capital funds looking for new ways to find reliable valuations of startups by giving them accurate evaluations of marketing forecasting and scalability.

“Startups are always looking for an edge when creating their marketing plans, but previously, they have mostly relied on educated guesswork and market predictions. With AdoptoMedia’s technology on board, we can offer a whole new level of clarity to startups and where they should focus their attention most,” says Andrey Shishmarev, Partner of CheckMedia.

In addition to its current partners, AdoptoMedia’s platform is available through VAR and strategic partners. The company’s long-term plan is to grow its global presence and establish its platform as the go-to engine for marketing-driven companies of all sizes.

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