European gift card report to be published

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 22, 2005

European gift card report to be published

A research report that explores the potential for gift cards in Europe and highlights best practices is to be published in London next month. 

The author of the European Guide to Gift and Stored Value Cards, 2005, Professor Dan Horne from US-based Providence College, will be in London to present the report's findings at a press launch on 1st September.

Questions addressed by the report include:

  • Will gift and SV cards become as important as in the US, where consumers spend US$70 billion using these payment vehicles?
  • How can companies capitalise on the potential growth in the use of gift cards?
  • What constitutes best practice in gifting programmes?
  • What is the business case?
  • What evidence is there that financial targets are being achieved?
  • What aspects of the US experience will European companies apply in their local markets?
  • What regulations apply to the launch of a gift or SV card programme?
  • Where can companies go for the specialist help they need?

The report uses findings from telephone research with some 75 retailers from across Europe and interviews with retailers and service providers. It provides guidance for those considering how to exploit this new marketing and payment tool and guidance for those who have embarked on a gift or stored value card programme that is not fulfilling its potential. It is sponsored and produced in association with transaction reconciliation and payment infrastructure solutions provider, Trintech, with further sponsorship support from ID Data, Maritz Incentives and ValueLink.

According to Tony Craddock, Giftex's CEO: "Gift cards play a big role in retailing across the pond. But for many retailers in Europe, gift cards remain low on the priority list. However, we are near a tipping point, and this report will help retailers to decide whether to invest in gift card programmes, and also how to do so for maximum return on their investment."

For more details of the report, contact Tony Craddock at Giftex.

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