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Executive Interview: Emma Kisby, Commercial Director at Virgin Red

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 14, 2018

We were fortunate enough to speak with Emma Kisby, Commercial Director at Virgin Red, shortly after her fire-side conversation onstage at the Loyalty Summit in London, UK. Here are the questions we posed to her:

How are the loyalty models shifting in Europe, whether its coalition or proprietary?  Who’s wining and why are they ahead of others?

We are hearing more and more about the importance of rewards curation and giving loyalty program members choice.  Who is doing it well, in your opinion, and what are the expectations around this with consumers today?

What’s your best advice to loyalty marketers for future-forward focus?  Where should they put their efforts in order to drive the most benefit to their brand and to their customers?  What will allow them to get ahead of their competitors?

There are some that believe that “currency is dead”.  Do you feel this is true?  Why or why not?

Brand Ambassadorship with employees is a critical goal for loyalty marketers.  How do you knead this into place so that it arises independently of the natural charisma of a leader like Sir Richard Branson?

The Wise Marketer Executive Interview: Emma Kisby, Commercial Director at Virgin Red from Wise Marketer Group on Vimeo.