Fanbox integrates loyalty schemes with Facebook

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 4, 2012

Fanbox integrates loyalty schemes with Facebook

Loyalty technology firm Fanbox has announced the launch of a new product called 'MS2 Splice' to allow consumers who use Facebook to link their accounts to loyalty programmes, gift cards, and prepaid cards.

The new product also makes it possible for retail companies to quickly and easily add a social component to their existing loyalty strategy by enabling real-time interactions between retailers and consumers.

The ability to connect a loyalty programme, gift cards, or pre-paid cards to their existing Facebook Page allows retailers to invite consumers - whether they're existing customers or not - to become a member of the loyalty programme through a social media environment that they're already comfortable with.

The retailer can then engage in personalised dialogue with customers by, for example, publicising promotions via members' Facebook timelines. According to Daleyne Guay, president for Fanbox, "For retailers, these platforms create a privileged dialogue and relationship with consumers, so it was natural that we should integrate them with our relational technologies and loyalty programmes."

Consumers can also use the Facebook Mobile app and its check-in feature to receive promotional offers in real-time, while they are still in the retailer's store. At the same time, MS2 Splice allows retailers to take advantage of Facebook's viral marketing potential to encourage people, through the awarding of points, to refer friends who may also want to become members of the loyalty programme.

The product also allows customers to register gift cards through the retailer's Facebook Page to receive other relevant offers and promotions. The retailer can then build a database of gift cards currently in circulation.

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