Fashion retailer reports 2500% ROI from Loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 22, 2015

In the US, Social Annex, a customer loyalty and social commerce software company, has reported an exceptional return on investment (ROI) of more than 2,500% for its fashion retail customer, Unique Vintage (UV).

Social Annex (SA) was engaged to help the fashion retailers acquire, convert, and retain customers using its proprietary omni-channel customer loyalty and social commerce platform. Since March 2015, Unique Vintage's Share, Save and Win and customer loyalty programmes have seen more than 2,400 orders per month directly generated by sharing and referral actions.

Over the same period, the retailer also increased its repeat purchase rate by 8.5%, new account creations by 450%, and saw a significant boost in engagement with its newsletter.

Additionally, UV reported that 42% of unique web site visitors made a purchase after interacting with the Share and Save widget on their website. Significantly, customers who engage with the Share and Save widget convert at a rate that is 158% higher than users who do not.

"Social Annex's platform enabled us to capitalise on the buzz of our very active fan base on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Harnessing organic referral actions and rewarding people for sharing images and details on their favorite products has helped our ecommerce programme acquire new customers as well as stimulate repeat business," said Unique Vintage's Director of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Courtney Lear Wallace.

Using SA's Visual Commerce application, Unique Vintage extends its brand presence by posting image galleries of apparel to its e-commerce site, which are utilized across multiple platforms to inform, engage and inspire customers.

According to Lear Wallace, "This solution allows us to reach today's social media and web-savvy consumers by providing a platform for them to express their individual styles. Instead of just seeing a catalogue model, visitors see actual customers - real people of varying body types wearing clothing they like, which is very inspiring and is often the last nudge a customer needs to get that dress they've been eyeing up."

To-date, customers submit more than 6,000 pictures per month.

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