Few loyalty card holders loyal to stores

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 28, 2001

While many shoppers hold loyalty cards, few seem to be loyal to the stores that issue them. Most use them simply to save money.

Preliminary results of a survey from integrated advertising and marketing solutions provider, Vertis, have revealed that that two in three adults belong to one or more grocery frequent shopper or loyalty card programmes, but only 16% of all frequent shopper programme users are loyal to that particular store. In addition, 76% of those individuals using a frequent shopper or loyalty programme say their primary reason for having it is simply to save money and get discounts.

Other results soon 
The primary field research for Vertis's bi-annual consumer behaviour tracking survey is now complete, but researchers have returned to the field to question consumers about how the events of September 11th have affected their buying patterns and intentions. The full results are expected to be released early next year.

The previous survey, in 2000,  revealed a decline in grocery store loyalty as consumers turned to discount and wholesale stores as sources of staple food items. As a follow-up, this year's survey will measure how effective grocery store loyalty programmes and frequent shopper programmes are, and whether they contribute to slowing that trend.

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