Finland gets national multi-application smart card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 31, 2003

Finland gets national multi-application smart card

Finland's national card payment network, Luottokunta, is to use an integrated suite of payment software products from Oasis Technology to implement a full card payment processing and multi-application smart card issuing solution.

Oasis has partnered with systems integrator, LogicaCMG, to replace Luottokunta's current in-house payment processing platform with a flexible card issuing, acquiring, interchange, settlement and transaction switching solution.

To support the European switch to chip cards, the new solution also includes security features for compliance with the EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) standard, enabling all banks and retailers in Finland to use Luottokunta's services to process secure smart card transactions.

Applications The multi-application smart cards will also be able to run additional applications including customer loyalty, identification, travel and other services.

"Our strategy is to offer increasingly versatile and flexible issuing, acquiring, card administration and processing services cost-efficiently," said Heikki Kapanen, president of Luottokunta. "With this solution we aim to strengthen our position by enabling the successful launch of multi-application chip card programmes for the Finnish market."

Technology Oasis is to integrate its IST/Switch and IST/Card products to drive point-of-sale transaction processing (including EMV), manage ATMs, and provide an enhanced system for card issuing and management.

David Pasieka, CEO for Oasis Technology, commented: "We believe Luottokunta will be ideally positioned to easily extend its platform in the future, and bring new services to its customers."

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