FIS Joins Women in Loyalty™ as a Supporting Sponsor

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 22, 2021

When the Wise Marketer first announced intentions to launch the Women in Loyalty™ interview series, we were optimistic but uncertain about the response. Some potential sponsors in our industry were cautious about the concept, citing sensitivities around gender issues. Others expressed enthusiastic support along with interest in sponsorship. Many volunteered the names of female executives as candidates for guests or hosts. The group of global Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionals™ (CLMPs) from the Loyalty Academy said, “It’s about time.”

So, off we went.

With the first two interviews in the series completed, we have received accolades and strong support from all corners of the world. We have already lined up several single session sponsors and have interviews booked through the early fall.

And we are extremely excited to announce that FIS Global, a leading provider of technology and loyalty solutions for merchants, banks and capital markets firms globally, has signed a sponsorship agreement for collaboration and support of the new interview series celebrating female executives in the Customer Loyalty industry!

The series will remain focused on presenting video interviews featuring a global pool of female executives who are influential in digital customer marketing today, and those that have made lifetime contributions to the art and science of customer loyalty throughout their careers. The original premise that women play a tremendous role in this business and it is long overdue to recognize the best and the brightest among the group, has turned out to be correct. FIS agrees.

“We firmly believe that such a platform deserves the support of FIS,” noted Mladen Vladic, General Manager of FIS Loyalty Solutions. “And we look forward to collaborating on what is a great development for our industry. Initiatives such as this re-affirm the FIS commitment to diversity, gender inclusion, and recognition of our female executives, clients, and partners.”

Each interview and discussion will be packaged as a one-hour segment with at least one published each month. These brisk conversations will not only highlight unique perspectives on loyalty marketing from each guest but reveal the substance of these notable people and cover the challenges facing women in the loyalty workplace today.

Cheryl Nuttall, Director of Enterprise Strategy for FIS Loyalty and a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ will participate as the featured guest during the June 30, 2021 session. A veteran of the industry, Cheryl has spent the last 30 years helping clients design, enable, and operate customer facing programs utilizing best-of-breed technology to help grow revenues and profitability.

More information and registration for the event can be found here.

FIS will continue to collaborate with the Wise Marketer as a supporting sponsor of the Women in Loyalty series for the next 12 months. The annual commitment of support is a reflection of the importance FIS places on customer loyalty. Mladen Vladic added this comment:

“Loyalty pays for both the consumer and the business. You can pinpoint exactly who your most engaged and lucrative customers are and learn about their tastes and preferences while giving them the engaging, memorable customer experience they desire. FIS Loyalty & Rewards solutions makes building modern loyalty and rewards programs dramatically easier and much more effective. Clients can leverage our years of experience and the lessons learned from implementing loyalty programs for thousands of retailers and financial institutions across the nation.”

To learn more, visit www.fisglobal.com. Follow FIS on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

The Wise Marketer Group is honored to have FIS play this collaborative role in what is turning out to be a major success story for the entire loyalty industry.