Flexible marketing is the only way, says Chrysler

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 16, 2003

Flexible marketing is the only way, says Chrysler

Effective and flexible marketing is just as essential to the auto manufacturing industry as good design, solid engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, according to Chrysler Group's group sales chief, Joe Eberhardt.

At this year's Management Briefing Seminars, Eberhardt chose to emphasise the need to be flexible in tailoring product and retail messages at every level as market conditions change, explaining the fundamentals needed to quickly create and implement marketing strategies to "cut through the clutter and speak directly to the customer".

Speaking foremost as a marketer, Eberhardt said: "While our friends in manufacturing speak of model flexibility, volume flexibility, platform flexibility and plant-to-plant flexibility, I would argue that flexibility applies to all aspects of the business - including marketing, and especially the ability to refocus entire campaigns or small details at short notice." Chrysler's marketing strategy, he added, is to stay fast and flexible at all levels.

According to Eberhardt, manufacturers can't expect to sell many cars or trucks if their potential customers don't understand what the brand represents, why the product offers good value, or how they can acquire a vehicle at a fair price. He stressed the importance of the dealer network in delivering the right personalised and relevant messages to the consumer.

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