Flowd launches music Frequent Fan scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 4, 2011

Flowd launches music Frequent Fan scheme

The music lovers' social network, Flowd, has launched a 'frequent fans' social loyalty programme to allow the music industry and music artists to create fun promotions and mobile coupons based on a variety of promotional triggers and rules.

Flowd says that its new programme is available for all signed artists and their partners worldwide, and it aims to help artists and labels build marketing campaigns to engage their fans using social media.

The programme hosts a variety of business rules that go above and beyond traditional artist promotions. For example, with Flowd's location-based features, artists can reward fans for attending their gigs. Other promotional triggers can currently include artist 'following', 'wall posts' and 'image shouts' - to all of which a variety of promotion types can be attached.

This system was created to enable precise targeting for both local and global fan promotions, and to provide a social media application that can also offer loyalty programme-related tools.

According to Tommi Laitinen, senior vice president for Flowd, "Mobile social marketing offers more opportunities than anyone imagines today, and that's why we implemented the Frequent Fan programme through a set of API's (advanced programming interfaces) to provide self-service loyalty tools for artists and their management."

A new 'Britney Spears - Who's the biggest fan?' programme has become the first campaign implemented via the Frequent Fans platform. The campaign uses user activity-based triggers combined with unique campaign codes. The EU-only promotion offers the first 1,000 fans that take part a free copy of the artist's latest single through a mobile coupon, and one lucky winner earns the official title of "Britney's #1 Fan".

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