Fly Buys gives partners secure web portal

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 31, 2002

Fly Buys gives partners secure web portal

The operator of New Zealand's 'Fly Buys' loyalty programme, Loyalty New Zealand Ltd, is to expand its business systems using Oracle9i applications, database, and development tools. The company is also offering programme partners a secure, web-based portal for marketing campaign reports and analysis.

Transaction data from the 40 independent companies that participate in Fly Buys loyalty campaigns (including Air New Zealand, Telecom New Zealand, Bank of New Zealand, Shell New Zealand, New World supermarkets, and retailer Noel Leeming) is to be collected and stored in the new Oracle9i database, which will house the purchase details of over 2.2 million Fly Buys card holders.

Transaction data will then be analysed and presented as a series of status reports that can be accessed through a web-based portal that forms part of Loyalty New Zealand's secure extranet.

Access to the extranet's reports and analysis is restricted by user names and passwords, with individuals only having access to information relating to their own company.

Refine and improve Marketing managers will be able to use the business intelligence data from the portal to monitor and refine their loyalty programmes, allowing them to meet the needs and preferences of their customers while generating better tailored marketing campaigns.

Every participating company will be able to access detailed campaign intelligence to enable them to benchmark their campaign results and decide what works for them, and what does not. Each participating company will be given a timely and accurate view of what kinds of customers are collecting Fly Buys points, what types of rewards they are collecting, and which retail outlets they use.

Background Loyalty New Zealand began implementing the Oracle technology in August 2002 and is currently working on the migration of information from its legacy systems to the new database. The new business intelligence portal is expected to be opened to partner businesses early in 2003.

"It's all about making the information more available to the businesses running the marketing campaigns, so they can improve the types of rewards and services they offer through their loyalty programmes," explained Alastair Hutchens, general manager for Loyalty New Zealand.

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