Ford India offers customers their own web pages

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 19, 2002

Ford India offers customers their own web pages

Ford is rolling out a programme that will offer its Asia Pacific and South African customers their own page on its web site, as well as other benefits.

Ford India Limited has launched a web-based CRM initiative offering its customers a direct link to the company. The programme, My Ford, offers Ford India customers a personalised and secure web page through that will manage all aspects of their vehicle ownership. Its features will include maintenance schedules, service logs, service and insurance renewal alerts, and access to advice including dealer contact information, driving and safety tips and do-it-yourself pointers.

The programme is currently being rolled out in the Asia Pacific region. India is among the first few countries where it is being launched; South Africa and Australia will follow. 

IT platform The IT platform for the programme has been developed by Ford Information Technology Services India (FITSI), the software development center for Ford's Asia Pacific operations. FITSI will also provide IT support for this initiative in other countries in the Asia Pacific region. The programme will be used to gather data from customers using survey questions and comment forms. In the near future, 'My Ford' will evolve into a fully developed IT platform for interaction between Ford India, its dealers and customers.

Customers will be able to upload images of themselves and their vehicles, as well as gain access to special promotional offers on Ford products and services.

According to Randy Shockley, Ford India's VP of Marketing, Sales & Service: "Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority at Ford India. This is our special way of making our customers more welcome in the Ford family by offering them a personal parking space that will equip them with a wealth of information about their vehicle and driving experience."

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