Ford UK joins Nectar as retail sponsor

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Posted on April 7, 2003

Ford UK joins Nectar as retail sponsor

Ford Motor Company has joined the UK's popular coalition loyalty programme, Nectar, as the eighth major retail sponsor, offering Nectar points for car servicing, non-warranty repairs, and MOT testing.

Starting during the summer of 2003, Ford UK will join the growing ranks of retailers issuing loyalty points to Nectar cardholders, alongside Adams, Barclaycard, BP, Debenhams, Sainsbury's, Thresher Group, and Vodafone.

Ford will be issuing 2 Nectar points for every £1 spent on routine servicing, non-warranty repairs, and Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing carried out on Ford vehicles at participating Ford dealerships.

The firm will also issue 2 points per £1 spent for owners of any make of vehicle when they pay at participating Ford Rapid-Fit centres.

Bonus point offers To celebrate the launch of Nectar in Ford dealerships throughout the UK, the motor company will, for a limited time, be issuing an unspecified number of Nectar points for customer test-drives, and on selected new vehicle purchases.

There are also likely to be specific sales campaigns in future that will attract Nectar points for specific new vehicle purchases, and participating dealerships will, at their own discretion, be able to provide Nectar points on selected used Ford vehicles.

According to Nectar's operator, Loyalty Management UK (LMUK), Ford is also exploring points collection opportunities through joint offers with some of the programme's existing retail sponsors.

Sector exclusivity Peter Fleet, Ford's director of marketing, said: "Our exclusive arrangement with Nectar gives us an important competitive advantage in the marketplace."

He added that most Ford dealerships agree, as evidenced by the fact that the overwhelming majority of the motor company's 772 UK outlets will be participating in the programme.

According to LMUK's CEO, Rob Gierkink, "Partnering with Ford will mean we are not only breaking into new geographical areas but also embracing new audience segments as well." He added, "We have ambitious expansion plans for Nectar. Our customers can look forward to other big brand names joining the programme in the future."

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