Using a Loyal Customer Base to Overcome Adversity

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 20, 2023

With this FREE Case Study Download you will learn how one business built a loyal customer base using a bespoke loyalty program, and then used that program to overcome an adverse situation. Although the company is a New Zealand based business, the lessons are the same globally. 

Discover how an effective customer loyalty program can drive behavior in your business, and deliver outcomes you never thought possible. 

Reward Paths LLC designs, enables and operates reward, loyalty and incentive programs for its customers and associates. We offer affordable, proven, world-class technology to run your program, and we provide bespoke strategy and tactics to ensure your growth objectives are met. We are not a plug, play and forget solution. Instead, we offer a bespoke service backed by data analysis, insights and experience.


Reward Paths LLC is majority owned by Incentive Solutions Limited (ISL) of Auckland, New Zealand. ISL serves clients in the B2B marketplace in New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia. It operates a global data center and software development team for loyalty applications in Auckland. ISL’s core technology platform, Incentive Control™, is exclusively licensed by Reward Paths in the US, Canadian and Caribbean markets. Our cloud-based platform provides extensive reward program functionality and services to B2B clients serving professional, institutional and trade audiences, plus sales force, employee and channel incentive programs.

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