French restaurant launches loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 26, 2012

French restaurant launches loyalty scheme

In France, commercial catering specialist FLO Group, has adopted technology from Neolane to run its Hippopotamus restaurant brand's new 'My Card' customer loyalty programme, which includes personalised communications via direct mail, email, mobile and sales receipts.

The Hippopotamus restaurant & grill chain issues each customer with a 'My Card' loyalty card and a personal web page on the web site. With each visit to the restaurant, the cardholder is awarded 10% of the total bill and, after four visits, the total rewards earned are made available for redemption.

In addition, the customer also receives personalised offers thanks to the data collected via the My Card programme. The aim of the programme is two-fold: to better meet and respond to consumer expectations, and to improve the company's customer insights and knowledge by maintaining a detailed loyalty and marketing database.

"Over and above the satisfaction of our consumers, we wanted to create a customer database to allow us to deploy an effective and innovative relationship marketing strategy", explained Xavier Pissot, IT manager for FLO Group. "We chose the Neolane platform for its ability to support the entire programme, from the calculation of loyalty points to the management of marketing communications."

The Flo Group is using Neolane to manage the marketing database, calculate and apply rewards, and create and personalise the content of loyalty programme-related messages. In addition to the traditional mail, email and mobile channels, Neolane and the Flo Group integrated the cash register system as a personalised communication channel, allowing personalised information to be printed in real time each time a loyalty programme member pays in a Hippopotamus restaurant.

The group has also announced plans for other communication channels such as smartphones and social networks to be added to the system. "This is the first time that we are communicating with customers via sales receipts, thus widening the array of channels that can be incorporated into our marketing platform," concluded Francois Laxalt, manager of market intelligence for Neolane.

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