Frequency Marketing Inc. bought by Alliance Data Systems

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 14, 2002

Frequency Marketing Inc. bought by Alliance Data Systems

Alliance Data Systems, operator of Air Miles in Canada, has bought Frequency Marketing, the company behind many US loyalty programmes.

Alliance Data Systems has bought Frequency Marketing, Inc.(FMI). Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, FMI has, over some two decades, been prominent in the US loyalty programme market, providing complete resources and technology for the design, implementation, and management of loyalty programmes. FMI will continue to operate as a unit of Alliance Data Systems under the direction of its founder and CEO, Richard Barlow. According to Barlow, the sale will provide the resources to grow as fast as the market will allow. FMI also publishes the loyalty magazine, Colloquy.

Alliance Data Systems, based in Dallas, provides transaction services, credit services and marketing services. It manages over 2.5 billion transactions and 72 million consumer accounts for North American companies. It also operates and markets Air Miles in Canada.

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