Frequency Marketing to develop loyalty in Mexico

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 14, 2003

New developments are afoot in the Mexican loyalty marketing industry, as US-based loyalty software provider, Frequency Marketing, joins forces with Mexican loyalty experts from the popular hotel chain, Grupo Posadas.

The Grupo Posadas hotel chain has for many years operated its Fiesta Rewards frequent-guest programme, and will combine its accumulated experience with Frequency Marketing's Loyalty Solutions Platform, which enables the ongoing management of loyalty programmes.

Grupo Posadas intends to establish a world-class loyalty marketing service bureau to meet the growing demand for loyalty marketing software and services in Mexico. As a result of the new marketing agreement with Frequency Marketing Inc. (FMI), the group will soon have the technology and infrastructure in place to provide turnkey loyalty marketing programme development and support for its Mexican clients in the retail, financial services, telecommunications, business-to-business and hospitality sectors.

"We've been running the Fiesta Rewards loyalty programme since 1987 and have amassed a great deal of expertise that other organisations have asked us to share," said Javier Barrera, franchise vice president for Grupo Posadas. "Our relationship with FMI means we can offer innovative and affordable technology."

The new loyalty marketing service bureau is expected to offer transaction processing, rewards content and fulfilment, call centre services, strategic and analytical support services.

FMI will be providing the necessary technical support for its software, along with implementation services, strategic counsel, and analytical support. Future plans call for the two companies to offer educational and consulting services to the Mexican loyalty marketing community.

According to the FMI-owned loyalty marketing magazine, Colloquy, Mexico's loyalty market was worth around US$40 million in 2002, with a projected annual growth rate of 40% over the next five years.

"Mexico is the fastest growing market in all of Latin America," said Bill Hanifin, FMI's director of international development. "We've received numerous enquiries from Mexican companies who want to unleash the power of loyalty marketing to optimize their CRM initiatives."

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