Frequent cinema-goers are more 'brand sensitive'

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 14, 2006

For consumers aged 15 and upward who go to the cinema at least once a month, brand commitment power and acceptance of brand premiums are higher than average, according to the Megabrand Study published by Screenvision France and conducted by the French marketing studies institute TNS-Sofres.

The study was conducted to examine the behaviour and attitudes of regular cinema-goers toward brands, and concluded that the cinema appears to have become a true meeting place between consumers and the brands that use cinemas to communicate with them.

Brand commitment
From 1997 to 2005, brand commitment power has decreased by 34% for the 15+ age demographic, the study reports. But heavy cinema-goers, on the other hand, have a higher-than-average brand usage and commitment level.

Indeed, 239 out of 1,000 heavy cinema-goers (23.9%) are considered "brand users" - a figure that represents 12% more than the average French population. And 124 (12.4%) said they would recommend purchasing the brands in the future - some 8% more than the average for the 15+ segment.

Brand premium acceptance
The acceptance of a brand premium manifests itself through the choice of purchasing a brand and remaining loyal to it, even if it carries additional cost. To estimate this acceptance, a "price test" was conducted, relying on three criteria: rejection of the cheapest brand; the worthiness of the extra cost of the brand; and loyalty to a brand regardless of the extra cost.

Even though 16.3% of consumers aged 15+ were found to comply with these three criteria (down 40% on the number observed in 1994), some 24.5% of heavy cinema-goers fit the profile - a much higher proportion than in the general consumer population. From this, the study concluded that those who regularly go to the cinema are more sensitive to brand premiums than the average consumer, and are willing to pay more in order to acquire a branded product, and are more likely to stay loyal to a brand even if the price increases.

The conclusion, the study reports, is that advertising and communicating via the cinema channel is likely to reach a population that is more strongly affected by brands, more receptive to brand messages, and more inclined to purchase the products presented.

To evaluate the impact of cinema-going on consumer/brand relationships, Screenvision France asked TNS-Sofres to focus on heavy cinema-goers (those who go to the cinema at least once a month, who represent 20% of France's 48 million consumers aged 15 or over). The Megabrand study is conducted in France every year by TNS-Sofres (since 2001), with the aim of evaluating consumer interest in brands. The 2005 study examined the opinions of 5,094 people, and tested 300 brands.

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