Fuel Loyalty Program Members Purchase Way More Fuel Than Non-Members

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 26, 2020

People ask for loyalty program metrics on a regular basis. The hard numbers are not easy to obtain because most brands, for competitive reasons, shy away from making their results public.

Loyalty Stat of the Day

When we do become aware of a powerful stat, we want to share it with you. In this case, as it will be most of the time, we can share the number but have to keep the brand anonymous.

All we can say is that this figure comes from a large regional convenience and fuel retailer with more than 800 stores. 

The stat: Over the last nine months of 2019, members in the loyalty program purchasing fuel over 3 times per month increased from 25% of total membership to 39%. 

We won't do the rest of the math for you, but IF you had 1 million members in your program and realized this result, you would be seeing an annualized increase in fuel visits of about 1.6 million — that is a lot of incremental gallons sold and gross profit in the books.

If you were wondering about the financial returns associated with becoming a more customer-centric enterprise, this should give you confidence that it pays to walk that journey.

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