General Mills launches healthy rewards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 23, 2005

General Mills launches healthy rewards

Attached to the Betty Crocker brand, a new points-based coupon programme called 'Points 4 Play', sponsored by General Mills, has been launched to reward US consumers for making family health and fitness-related purchases.

Whether through team sports, or just playing in the park after school, youngsters need regular physical exercise to keep their health in check. As an extension of the Betty Crocker Catalog Points programme, the Points 4 Play programme provides discounts on games, family fitness and sports equipment, in return for points collected when purchasing healthy options in the supermarket.

Participation Points4Play allows consumers to use their Betty Crocker points for discounts on family fitness purchases, such as bikes, kites, games, and sporting equipment. To help consumers identify the grocery products that provide points, the Points 4 Play logo appears on the packaging of the 300+ participating General Mills product lines.

Earn and burn Points are earned relatively easily, with five large cereal boxes attracting 100 points, for example.

Redemption of the points is done online through the programme's web site, by telephone, or by mail. In addition to redeeming points for merchandise, they can also be used for free shipping, on a sliding scale of order size: Orders of US$48 to $100 earn free shipping for 100 points (or US$10.95 can be paid for shipping instead). Orders over US$100 and up to US$200 require 150 points, and orders over US$200 require 250 points for free shipping.

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