General Mills to launch snack loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 10, 2008

General Mills to launch snack loyalty scheme

DCR Strategies, in partnership with New York-based TPG Rewards, has announced that it is to launch a major incentive card programme for General Mills Foods later this month.

The programme's approach is quite simple, rewarding consumers for purchasing General Mills products. Through the programme, General Mills will be offering customers a Discover gift card in specially marked packages throughout the US, in denominations of US$5, US$10 and US$25.

One in twenty (5%) specially marked boxes of General Mills snack products will contain a General Mills-branded Discover card, which can be activated by calling a toll-free telephone number on the back of the card (or it can also be activated online).

General Mills has also safeguarded the programme for minors, as parents must first approve and activate the cards before they can be used by younger consumers. Once activated, the prepaid stored-value card can be used anywhere that Discover cards are accepted throughout the US.

The main idea of using an unrestricted prepaid card, according to General Mills, is to allow the consumer the freedom to redeem their reward wherever they want, regardless of brand, merchant, or product category.

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