Germany: PAYBACK launches digital payments and loyalty card

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By: RickFerguson |

Posted on April 27, 2016

News from the EHI conference in Bonn: German coalition loyalty programme PAYBACK CEO Dominik Dommick and digital services director Philipp Blome announced the launch a new mobile loyalty card in June for its 28 million members. The latest enhancement to the successful PAYBACK app combines points collection, payment, coupon redemption and personalised offers for the first time. A pilot phase due to start in June will give customers the opportunity to collect points from major PAYBACK partners on their smartphones.

During the pilot, customers will also be able to pay with their phones at DM-Dogerie Market. The retail chain Real- will introduce the smartphone payment option in July, and partners including Aral, GALERIA Kaufhof, REWE and Alnatura will be equipped for mobile payments in autumn. The solution is based on QR code and NFC technology; the sum of money due is paid by direct debit. Money quote from Philipp Blome:

�Customers are demanding more and more mobile services. Therefore, it is very important to achieve the best possible integration between the PAYBACK app and the partners� apps. Our service package composed of coupons, loyalty and payment makes us more relevant compared to large payment providers as they only offer one payment function. By ensuring the mutual integration of our mobile offers, it doesn�t matter where or how users begin their mobile shopping trip. With this feature the app has great potential."

PAYBACK is a leading multi-partner loyalty programme internationally with 28 million members collecting points from 650 partner companies. They can then redeem these points for vouchers, rewards or Lufthansa miles, or they can donate them to charity. Around 95% of all the points collected are redeemed by customers. In 2014, the value of the total points collected was EUR 275 million.

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