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Get in on the Secret! How member research fueled the new VS Loyalty Program.

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By: Bill Hanfin, Wise Marketer |

Posted on March 15, 2024

This webinar, part of the CRMC Webinar series, features Chelsea Martin, Loyalty Marketing Director at Victoria’s Secret, and Marie DeLeo, Director of Strategy at Kobie, as they discuss how brands can leverage consumer validation research with other strategic tools to set the foundation for loyalty success.

Founded in 1977, Victoria’s Secret (VS) has experienced a significant brand evolution through some of the most transformative decades in history. To understand how to connect with and reflect the values of their customers, they needed to understand them more deeply to learn what they want and expect from the brand experience.

Wise Marketer Group CMO Aaron Dauphinee brings his research background to this conversation as he hosts this entertaining discussion. Chelsea and Marie have an in-depth conversation about how Victoria’s Secret, in collaboration with Kobie, put strategic consumer validation research to use and how the learnings they discovered influenced their approach to positioning of the loyalty program prior to piloting in early 2023.

Victoria’s Secret tapped an existing population of Co-Brand and Private label cardholders who had recently been a part of a card relaunch during the research phase of this work. VS was focused on protecting the card program under the concept of ‘card is king’ while striving to offer a free loyalty program to consumers who were looking for more out of the brand.

The outcome of this research helped to drive a new program structure including the successful merger of two brands, PINK & Victoria’s Secret, under one loyalty construct, as well as the considerations around credit cardholders becoming members and the ultimate impact on enrollment and engagement.