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Getting to Know White Label Loyalty

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By: Bill Hanifin, CLMP™ |

Posted on February 7, 2023

A discussion of customer engagement, modular technology and why loyalty is easier than Soccer

Achille Traore is the CEO of White Label Loyalty, an enterprise platform that provides engagement and retention solutions for brands looking to build deep relationships with their customers. Using smart technology architecture, brands can reward any type of activity with points, rewards, cashback, discounts, and more.

Achille brings a background in professional sports to the loyalty business, meaning he is keen on setting objectives, following a plan, and measuring results. He is competitive in a friendly sort of way and shares a fantastic story in this interview of his journey into the loyalty business and how his team at White Label Loyalty are enabling businesses to build loyalty at scale without drowning in tech. But that’s just the beginning. This conversation is wide ranging, and we touch on loyalty trends and get into the details of two great client case studies.

I'm enjoying getting to know some new (to me) CEOs in the loyalty and retail business for the first time. Achille Traore is delightful and White Label Loyalty warrants a close look.

If you want to speed through this conversation to enjoy specific subjects, here’s a list of time stamps to help you save a few moments in your day.


1:14 - Who is White Label Loyalty?

1:55 - The elephant in the room – too many loyalty programs fail

3:27 - Kickstarting customer loyalty in 2023

5:12 - The founder’s journey –getting to know Achille Traore (and what led a professional soccer player into customer loyalty)

9:28 - How do you balance “deep customization with an out of the box solution”?

11:17 - Getting to know White Label Loyalty – core solutions, vertical markets and geo-markets

13:07 - Why is Modular Architecture the best approach to enable this generation of customer loyalty?

16:34 - A case study example – Dubai Holding

19:00 - First party data collection

24:49 - What’s your game plan for 2023?

26:05 - Achille asks Bill the big question – what’s ahead in 2023?

27:37 - Final remarks