Golfer's smart card loyalty programme tees off

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 17, 2003

Golfer's smart card loyalty programme tees off

A new smart-card golfer's loyalty programme, 'Fore! Honors', based on the Catuity Loyalty platform, is to be launched by US-based loyalty system provider, KESM Transaction Solutions. The programme will debut in Detroit, USA, in spring 2003, covering 18 golfing facilities in the area.

The new Fore! Honors programme offers its members the opportunity to earn loyalty 'yards' (shorter than miles but just as meaningful) at any of the participating courses, allowing each facility to reward its best customers appropriately. In addition, some of the proceeds will be donated to the Darren McCarty Cancer Foundation.

Pat Damer, president for Fore! Honors, said, "The Instant Reward feature effectively allows two people to play a course for the price of one. It is activated upon sign up and, basically, pays for the cost of membership."

How it works The programme also allows a member's accumulated points to be redeemed for merchandise, refreshments, supplies, or facility use. Members receive a weekly email with 'Divot Deals', which are offers such as double yard points at specific courses, or invitations to local tournaments.

Members access their programme details for each of the participating courses at a secure link on the Fore! Honors web site.

Programme management Banksys point-of-sale (POS) terminals are being implemented at each of the eighteen courses. KESM Transaction Solutions will be providing and managing all aspects of the programme's data management, including:

  • Customisation of the Catuity Loyalty application.
  • Maintenance of the membership database.
  • Delivery of membership data to the Fore! Honors web site.
  • Issuing and personalisation of Fore! Honors smart cards.

"We're very proud that Fore! Honors selected KESM for its loyalty programme management," said KESM's president, Bruce Murray.

"The smart card was the key factor for customer convenience - a great solution for busy Saturday mornings," added Damer. "Our members like the convenience of just updating and redeeming from the card without dialling a host somewhere else."

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