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Posted on September 2, 2023

GoTo Contact Center expands insight capabilities with AI Chat Analysis

BOSTON, August 30, 2023 GoTo has rolled out AI Chat Analysis, an AI-powered sentiment analysis and chat summary function within GoTo Connect’s Contact Center. This new optional feature will expand the level of data-driven insight available to customer service supervisors and analysts, resulting in a better understanding of customer interactions.

Following each customer conversation, a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment analysis score will be given, providing insight into the customer emotion within interactions. Additionally, a summary of the customer conversation is generated using AI, enabling supervisors to identify challenges or coaching opportunities for agents without needing to read the entire conversation.

“In a year when innovation and AI seem to go hand in hand, businesses continue to navigate how they, too, can take full advantage of the increased efficiencies AI can provide. Within the broad area of AI, Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT have played an outsized role in changing the game for businesses across almost any industry, offering up time-saving solutions and more advanced comprehension than ever seen before,” said Damon Covey, Head of Product, GoTo.

“These AI-powered advancements will not only save customer service personnel time, but also will provide insights to improve the customer experience,” stated Covey.

“The addition of the AI chat analysis is something that excites us very much, and we look forward to seeing how GoTo will continue to leverage AI in the future,” said Marouane Rouicheq, Managing Director, NativUC, and partner of GoTo.

“As GoTo’s Top Contact Centre Partner award recipient for 2022, we have been prodigiously recommending GoTo Contact Center to our customers, and this innovation to access data and insights to augment customer success practices will only make it a more enticing offering for us to share”, he said.

Earlier this year, GoTo announced optional AI functionality for both GoTo Connect and GoTo Resolve, each leveraging OpenAI-based technology. GoTo aims to continue advancing its AI capabilities and is excited to announce the next phase of that growth.

What’s on the horizon for GoTo:

New AI-powered self-service features for GoTo Resolve are currently in beta and expected to be rolled out to customers in the next three months. These new capabilities will enable end users to troubleshoot and find answers to IT questions using natural language, regardless of their complexity, without the need to connect to a support agent.

“With the right approach, AI can be a valuable asset to businesses, and complementary to human IT and customer support teams. GoTo’s aim is always to help businesses get their work done more efficiently and increase their productivity. Exploring evolving AI technologies and adding even more AI to power our already seamless products helps us to do just that,” said Damon Covey.

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