Harrah's rolls out best customer loyalty system

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 8, 2003

Harrah's rolls out best customer loyalty system

The US-based casino operator, Harrah's Entertainment, Inc., which operates 26 casinos in the USA, is to use Blue Martini's customer loyalty software solutions to help its casino 'VIP hosts' increase customer loyalty and manage customer relationships.

Harrah's VIP hosts are now using Blue Martini's Clienteling software to manage customer information and provide top-tier personalised service to the casino's best customers. Harrah's is also to use the application to suggest and prioritise hosts' daily activities to increase their effectiveness in serving customers.

Increasing revenue "We can achieve substantial revenue gains by encouraging our best customers to visit us just one or two times more per year," explained Tim Stanley, chief information officer for Harrah's. "And Blue Martini can help us achieve that by suggesting to our hosts the individual incentives and personalised services that will prompt extra visits."

Harrah's casino managers can also use the Blue Martini application to boost host effectiveness by suggesting which customers each host should call, e-mail or contact by mail. The software allows Harrah's to match observed customer behaviour patterns to an appropriate marketing offer, then measure the success of host activities and marketing campaigns.

For additional information: ·  Visit Blue Martini at http://www.bluemartini.com ·  Visit Harrah's at http://www.harrahs.com