Hbc Rewards helps parents with school costs

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 25, 2005

Hbc Rewards helps parents with school costs

With a little help from the Hbc Rewards loyalty programme, Canadian parents can now boost their childrens' post-secondary education funds by Cdn$100 by redeeming 100,000 Hbc Rewards points. The money is credited to a new Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan or Heritage Education Funds registered education savings plan.

Limited to one redemption per beneficiary, the registered education savings plan (RESP) offer may be used only when the Hbc Rewards member opens a new plan with Canadian Scholarship Trust or Heritage Education Funds (which are subject to minimum required contributions).

Scott McIndless, president and CEO for Heritage Education Funds, commented: "Heritage believes that saving for a child's education is important and should be easier for everyone, and this offer gives Hbc Rewards members the opportunity to start planning for their child's future."

Government incentive An added incentive to start a RESP is the Canada Education Savings Grant, through which the Canadian government contributes a basic grant of 20% of all contributions made to the plan, up to a lifetime maximum of Cdn$7,200 per child.

Hbc Rewards members who inquire through a toll-free hotline can arrange to meet with a sales representative from either RESP provider, who will visit them to answer questions about the savings plans, and the process of redeeming Hbc Rewards points toward a plan.

According to George Heller, president and CEO for Hbc, "Every time a consumer shops at an Hbc store, they are potentially saving toward their child's post-secondary education." And John Kearns, president and CEO for CST Consultants Inc. (distributor of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan), added: "Families can maximize the value of their Hbc Rewards points by putting them toward a RESP contribution. Every dollar makes a difference and by investing in an education savings plan, parents communicate a very strong message to their child about the value of pursuing higher education."

Earn and burn Hbc Rewards members can collect loyalty points by shopping at Hbc brand stores throughout Canada, including the Bay, Zellers, Home Outfitters, Designer Depot and DealsOutlet.ca.

Apart from other traditional points-redemption mechanisms (such as catalogue shopping and gift cards), Hbc Rewards also has a Community Investment programme which allows members to donate all or part of their points to charities and local community groups.

For additional information: ·  Visit Hbc at http://www.hbc.com ·  Visit CST at http://www.cst.org ·  Visit Heritage athttp://www.heritageresp.com