Heavy cinema-goer demographics are aligning

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 2, 2006

There are growing similarities between heavy cinema-goers in various European countries, suggesting an increasing relevance of Pan-European advertising campaigns at the movies, according to a study conducted by TGI Europa for Screenvision.

The screen advertising sales house Screenvision commissioned the study to investigate the differences and similarities between Europeans who go to the cinema at least once a month. The study concluded that these European 'heavy cinema-goers' have many similarities and that a true European heavy cinema-goer target does exist.

To conduct a precise analysis of the similarities and differences between cinema-goers each European country, TGI's researchers set up a filter to disassociate heavy cinema-goers from the youth population, and to examine two different age groups (under 35 and over 35). The company interviewed some 56,000 cinema-goers throughout Europe.

Age less important
The results confirmed that youths form a large proportion of heavy cinema-goers but, contrary to common belief, there is also a large proportion of heavy cinema-goers aged 35 and over.

Most of the heavy cinema-goers across both age groups are characterised as being educated, affluent and single, making them good targets (with disposable income) for advertisers. The over 35 age group in particular is an important target for advertisers as they have a higher purchasing power than the average European consumer.

Common characteristics
The study, which examined consumers in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, identified parallels in 5 characteristics across all four countries, and also between the two age groups:

  • Personal appearance
    Heavy cinema-goers tended to be more fashion-conscious with 62% saying that they "like to be looked at" (compared to 53% of the general European population), and 60% acknowledging that they "have a good sense of style" (compared to 53% of the European population).
  • Time out and group belonging
    Heavy cinema-goers across Europe said they enjoy going out, with 51% "enjoying a night out at a pub" and 45% "enjoying splashing out on a meal in a good restaurant". This trend was even more marked among the over 35 group.
  • Innovation, newness and new technologies
    More than half (57%) of European heavy cinema-goers said they "like to pursue a life of change, novelty and challenge" (compared to 47% of the European population), with over 39% of 35 year old heavy cinema-goers being "interested in a change" (compared to 28% of the over 35 general European population).
  • Openness to other cultures and art
    European heavy cinema-goers were also found to be very open to culture with 67% acknowledging that "music is an important part of their life" and 73% saying they "like the idea of travelling abroad".
  • Impulsive shoppers, big spenders, and ad importance
    European heavy cinema-goers think highly of advertising with 44% acknowledging that they "enjoy advertising" (compared to 39% of the general population), and 49% "expecting advertising to be entertaining". Approximately one-third (34%) confirmed that they are "tempted to buy products they have seen advertised".

Although the study suggests that these characteristics are common to most European heavy cinema-goers questioned, the over 35 age group was more consistent and held stronger opinions and beliefs. However, the over 35 heavy cinema-goer population tends to have stronger views on cultural topics, companionship and health matters.

The study also found that the cultural differences between the countries examined are becoming less important, suggesting an emerging single European heavy cinema-goer target.

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